3 dance-related New Year’s resolutions

Is it just us, or did this year seem to fly by?  We’re less than a week away from 2019 and that means it’s time for some New Year’s resolutions.  While we all could get into an extra ballet class every now and then, we’ve come with a more creative list of possible resolutions to kick off your new year and take your dancing to new heights!

  1. Start a journal or blog just about dance.  Make notes about what or who inspires you.  Start trying to write down your choreography.  Write about performances you see, auditions you attend, classes you take, and more.  Go back in your diary about every month to discover how you’ve improved and find opportunities for growth.  For an added creativity boost, decorate your journal with a collage of magazine cut-outs (or pepper your blog with beautiful dance photography).

  2. Sign up for a class to get of your comfort zone.  Scary? Maybe.  Rewarding?  You bet. Trying a new style of dance will inform and enhance every time you perform.  Some ideas include East Indian, Flamenco, rhythm tap, heels, and musical theatre.  Taking a class with a friend can make the experience a little less intimidating. Plus, it can be a fun experience to do together!

  3. Actually start cross-training.  Just implementing one day a week of cardio and another day of weight-training will seriously impact your dance performance by increasing your stamina and strength and keeping you from getting injured.  For cardio, try the elliptical or stationary bike—two machines that are easy on your joints. Strength-training can be lifting weights in the gym, taking a Pilates class, or doing body-weight exercises like push-ups, crunches, leg lifts, and squats.

We’d love to hear what resolutions you’ve made for the new year. Share them with us in the comments section below!

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