Kaiser’s Room: A safe performing arts space for all abilities

“The boy I was working with was hiding under his chair,” remembers Stephane Duret during a performance with the Red Kite Project.  “So, I crawled under my chair, too.  Then, he looked at me right in the eyes.  We had made a connection—I had the green light.”

Duret’s experience working at Chicago Children’s Theatre’s Red Kite Project and then the Son-Rise program with a 5-year-old autistic boy named Kaiser changed his life forever.  Duret earned his BFA in musical theatre and was already working professionally but seeing how the arts could foster a deeper human connection gave him a new perspective and appreciation for its transformative power and purpose.  In 2015 Duret founded his own non-profit organization that would utilize the arts to promote imagination, inclusivity, connection, and a culture of “yes.”  He named the organization Kaiser’s Room…READ MORE

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