My Fair Lady: Choreography for the characters

Christopher Gattelli’s choreographic record can’t be characterized.  From GIGI to CHER, NEWSIES to THE KING AND I, and SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS to MY FAIR LADY, his work is clearly not limited to specific genre, style, time, or place.  One thing that always rings true, however, is Gattelli’s focus on the world in which the characters live, and how dance lives in that world.  Whether a brand-new musical, a beloved revival, or a quirky cartoon, the choreography always feels authentic—When dance happens, the audience never has to wonder why. If singing is a heightened need to speak, then dancing is the same—but to move, to feel, to emote.  The worlds of Paris, France and Bikini Bottom couldn’t be more different.  But Gattelli’s choreography somehow works in both…READ MORE

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