Taking risks in the Broadway revival of OKLAHOMA

Amidst Broadway’s jukebox shows, Disney productions, and movies-turned-musicals, another trend of late is the ever-controversial reimagined revival.  The challenge is great—taking a well-known musical and trying to renegotiate its…issues (whether misogyny, stereotypes, or appropriation) in a modern-day context.

We currently have CHICAGO, KISS ME KATE, MY FAIR LADY, and OKLAHOMA on Broadway’s revival train.  The newest production, OKLAHOMA, is exciting for many reasons: an in-the-round stage setting, lights-on atmosphere, diverse casting, cinematic special effects, electronic and distorted sound, a special treat (literally) at intermission, and a mission to reduce gun violence (by making a donation to the Gun Neutral Initiative for every gun that is seen on stage)…READ MORE

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